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👀 Tech Watchlist

Here are some technologies that I'm keeping a close eye on, either because I might want to use them in the near future, or because I think they'll be transformational to the web in general.



EdgeDB is an open source database that is a sort of hybrid of relational and object-oriented. I find its query language very, very interesting.

From the examples on their home page is this query with an aggregation and filter:

select Movie {
  actors: {
  rating := math::mean(.reviews.score)
} filter "Zendaya" in;



SolidJS is a new library for building frontend interfaces. The syntax is quite similar to React, but it doesn't use a Virtual DOM and has very impressive performance characteristics.



I recently started using Linear, and it is stunning. In an interesting coincedence, I am working on implementing WorkOS into LaunchPath for SSO, and they just acquired RadixUI, which is what Linear uses for their interface.

If I was starting to build an app today, there is no question I'd use Radix.



SSO is a huge pain in the butt. At LaunchPath we've been using Auth0, but SSO there is still a little unwieldy, and their pricing model really does not suit a use case where you need a number of SSO connections. I've been hearing WorkOS execs on podcasts, and thought I'd give it a try. So far, the UX is fantastic, and I think they're poised to dominate the market for third-party SSO and directory sync integration.